Diamond Engagement Ring Makes Your Event Memorable


Diamond is that type of element that makes your occasion memorable and amazing. If you are getting engaged, so your engagement will be more awesome if you are wearing diamond engagement ring on the hands of fiancé. Not only your fiancé but all of the people who would be attending that ceremony will feel amazed.


In order to assess the diamond jewelry, there are 4’cs which are important in this regard. The first c’s is diamond color because each diamond is graded by a scale which is developed by gemological organization. So color of diamond is important in order to make it more attractive. Secondly, there should be diamond clarity because if there is black carbon on the diamond so it can’t be seen from naked eye. The third is diamond carat that means the mass of the diamond affects the value of stone. The larger the stone the greater value it will have. The last c’s is diamond cut is a type of style that is shaped for polishing of diamond.


Diamond is very important and if you are a lucky person and your engagement is expected in coming months so you should give an order for diamond engagement ringright now by choosing your own type of ring so that the shops and companies which are dealing in diamonds can have time to make the order according to your size and shape and also recommended style. It is very important to have a sound idea about diamonds before giving an order to the dealer of diamond because otherwise may be you get fake diamond or of low quality so it is recommended to take the person accompany with you who deals in diamond or has an idea about it.


Diamond is also one of the precious elements on the earth and if you are making diamond engagement ring so search the market, get the information that which shape and style is latest in the market after that buy that prestigious ring. And also take the business card from the shop that if you will face any problem or trouble regarding diamond engagement ring so you will definitely come and exchange the ring. After the surety from supplier buy that ring.


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    The thing w/the lighting, I kind of realized that on my own. Like I’d
    notice in department stores that really aren’t known for quality
    diamonds,even a crappy stone sparkles alot. And somewhere like
    Tiffany’s,where the diamonds are all great quality,it practically blinds
    you in combination w/the lighting.But I’ve always wondered-how do you
    exactly ask to take something outside? I mean, suppose it’s a really pricey
    ring, would they let you do that?


  10. VanessaNicoleJewels
    Jan 07, 2013 @ 06:20:03

    They might not let you take it outside (some may with a security guard
    though). Ideally they have a window in their shop. For instance, I have a
    lot of natural light in my studio, so clients can see how their diamond
    looks in direct sunlight as well as fluorescent lights. (We don’t use the
    fancy lighting so clients know what to expect each day). If you’re looking
    for an engagement ring, we create custom rings for client all over the
    world – I’d be happy to help you select an amazing diamond :)


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    We’re happy to invite you to the studio to look at our diamonds. We are by
    appointment only, so feel free to send us an email when you’re ready. :)


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